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Trade Representation is an official establishment within the Russian diplomatic mission providing assistance in development of bilateral trade, economic, investment and interregional cooperation. 

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation provides overall management of Russian trade representations. 

The Trade Representation is based in Bern. Trade Representations are geared towards developing Russia's external economic relations with other countries, assisting in promotion of Russian exports andattracting investment and advanced technologies to the Russian Federation.

Mission of Trade Representation

  • to develop Russia’s external trade relations;
  • to expand and diversify goods and services exports;
  • to create enabling environment for competitive high-tech and export-oriented Russian industry sectors;
  • to promote exports by Russian SMEs;
  • to develop industrial cooperation with the host country;
  • to integrate Russian enterprises into international production chains.

Services (Functions) of Trade Representation

  • to provide consultative, organizational and information services to entrepreneurs on business projects implementation;
  • to assist in finding potential partners and verifying their trustworthiness;
  • to provide consultations on certain legal aspects of conducting business operations;
  • to assist and (or)facilitateparticipation of Russian enterprises in exhibitions and fairs;
  • to provide consultations regarding Russian enterprises’ participation in public and private tenders and procurements;
  • to produce analytical reports on doing business in Russia;
  • to assist in pre-trial settlement of trade and other commercial disputes.