Lockdown measures in Moscow
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15.06.2021 в 10:11

New losses are expected in the public catering sector in Moscow due to new lockdown measures in the Russian capital, business ombudsman Boris Titov told TASS.

"This piece of news sounded like a security shot for the Moscow public catering segment. New losses in the industry that has not yet recovered even without that are inevitable. Certainly, the hope is strong that lockdown measures will not be renewed but if this takes place, authorities will have to either prepare a financial ‘lifeline’ for the public catering industry or change the attitude towards the need for total vaccination," the ombudsman said.

"The new lockdown is one of the most undesirable variant of developments" for the business, according to the latest polls, Titov added.

On Saturday, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin declared paid, non-working days in the city from June 15 to 19 to curb the spread of coronavirus infections. Moscow’s restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs, karaoke clubs, bowling alleys and discos are banned to serve customers from 23.00 until 06.00 Moscow time on June 13 through 20, except for takeaway services.